Christian Life

Encouraging Discipleship

During this season, we are encouraging our community in our corporate life of prayer, through teaching, visiting and example.

Open for Prayer and Reflection

St. James’ and St. Basil’s Church is open between 8:30am and 5:00pm for prayer and reflection. However you look to God, what ever your tradition, or none, you are welcome to use the Church as a place of sanctuary and a place of prayer and peace.

Prayer can be open and spontaneous, but some people prefer to be able to read a prayer written by someone else. We have made some prayers available here. Please feel free to use them to suit you.

The Memorial Chapel, to the right of the door, has a variety of ways to engage in prayer. You may want to light a candle, leave a written prayer or picture, or use an image to help you pray and draw close to God.

Lighting a candle is a prayer.
When we have gone it stays alight,
kindling in the hearts and minds of others
the prayers we have offered in thanks,
and for those in need.

Son of God, light of the world,
be with me and those I love.
Shine your light into my darkness;
fill me with peace;
journey with me into the future.