Tyneside Chamber Orchestra

17th March 2019

Tyneside Chamber Orchestra

Conductor: Alastair Lord. Leader: Jonathan Trevor

Tyneside Chamber Orchestra

The TCO was founded in 1956 by Michael Hall, then a music student at Newcastle University, and who, two years later, founded the Northern Sinfonia. Dr. Arthur Milner, who was its director for many years, converted it into a string orchestra for talented amateur players.

Throughout its history the orchestra has specialised in chamber works, and since 1961 has concentrated mainly on the string orchestra repertoire, with the occasional addition of works with wind and brass instruments and timpani.

This is the first of two visits to J’s & B’s this year.  In this first concert the repertoire will include:

Avison: Concerto in A, Op 9, No 11.

Corelli:  Concerto III, Op 6, No 3.

Stanley: Concerto No 3 in G.

Kile Smith:           Three Dances.

Albinoni: Oboe concerto Op IX, Nr 2. (Philip Cull, Oboe)