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We love music at Js & Bs!
J’s and B’s is a magnificent venue for music making and we are working hard to make the church a musical hub for our region.

Whether you're looking for an Early Year's Music workshop on a Thursday Morning, live music, intimate gigs or a massed choir, we try and have a mix of creativity throughout the year. You'll find details of upcoming events on our home page.



Our Instruments
In 2020, we installed a new digital AV system in church which allows high quality audio (and video) recording and streaming, but perhaps of more importance are our two 'resident' instruments, our magnificent Pipe Organ and our Piano. 

The Organ was built for the 'new' church in 1931 by JW Walker and Sons and has one of only two Celestial organs in the country. The organ pipes are located high above the church, the main organ in the north nave of the church and the celestial pipes in the south aisle. The sound is unique and greatly admired. The church was built for music and the building seems to sing; during concerts and occasional services of evensong. 
The Walker Celestial Organ A Description of the Organ by P.J.L. Rickinson
in BIOS REPORTER, JULY 1981, Vol. V, No. 3
The Fenham organ was built for the new church by J W Walker and Sons in 1931. It has four manual departments (two on one manual) and Pedals, thirty four speaking stops, and an unusual layout which makes it remarkably effective in this large church. The plan of the church is of two equal parallel naves; at the east of the north nave is the altar, and at the east of the south nave is the Lady Chapel with the tower above. The main organ is placed in a chamber above the vestry, facing into the north nave at the head of the congregation. The Celestial Organ, and one pedal stop are in the tower, speaking into the south nave. The console (originally in a bird‘s nest adjacent to the main organ – a terrible position, according to a previous organist) is approximately equidistant between the two sections, at floor level beside the south choir stalls. In keeping with the rest of the church, built by Sir James Knott, no expense seems to have been spared in the construction of the organ. Apart from the buried position of the choir organ, all speaks straight into the church. The unfashionable stop-key console is beautifully made, and most comfortable. The sound that comes out is quite unique.

Folloiwing the receipt of a major grant from the Heritage Lottery Fund, the Organ saw extensive restoration in 2017. The works were carried out by David Wood Pipe Organs. You can find out more about the organ on the National Pipe Organ Register

The Piano
In 2016, thanks to the generosity of local friends, the parish was able to buy a new Kawai GX3 Grand Piano. The Piano was specifically chosed to compliment the accoustics of the church and has become a much loved 'friend'. It is in regular use for performance and we encourage local folk to nip in for an hour for their own rehearsal time and escape. 


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